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Jan 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

Just had to record this one because we laughed so hard about it - and I haven't added a quote of the day for ages.

At Christmas Chase's sister Emily asked if potty mouth had started at our house. My answer was - NO? She then went on to explain her kids new obsessions with potty words such as 'poop'. Well it has now arrived. Cayden has started explaining his 'poop'. It started the other day after a proud "MOOOOOOMMMMMM!! Come Look!" - when I arrive on scene - "look mom - soup poop". The descriptions have continued but this one was hilarious:)

Only a mom can appreciate:)HA!


The Weismiller Family said...

That is hilarious!

Nicole Wendorff said...

You're kids sound like such riots!!! :) We're thinking that Cayden and Benji will be great friends and mischief makers once Benji is a little more sociable :) And we told the family last night of the news, so the cat's out of the bag.

Emily said...

bahaha. funny at home, but just wait till the comments come when you are in a public washroom. Saralynn can tell you about that from her trip to ToysRUs with my kids. :)

Sherri said...

Dwaine told me that his kids went to school in Japan and they had to describe their poop every morning. Everymorning instead of show and tell it was poop and tell. The Japanese school says that bowel movements tell how a persons health is.